Horses available for adoption and sponsorship (click on the thumbnails for larger photo)

** = Horses that are sound and ready for adoption

ADIEU is available for sponsorship and companion adoption.
Adieu is a Standardbred foaled in approximately 1997 who was owned by a Horses' Haven member who bred and raised her. She was sold and in harness training in Florida when her new owners found she was going blind. They were going to take her to the auction until her previous owner (our member) heard about her difficulties and bought her back. She knew a handicap like blindness wasn't a problem here at Horses' Haven, so asked if she could bring Adieu to come and live here. Adieu is pretty and has a nice personality. She plays with her feed dish a lot. She throws it and carries it around her pasture just for fun.
adonishead ADONIS is available for sponsorship and adoption (with Clint).
Appropriately named after the Greek god who was known for his beauty, our Adonis is a Percheron foaled in approximately 1997. Before coming to Horses' Haven in 2009 he spent most of his life pulling heavy wagons and trailers full of people at one of our local metroparks. He was put up for auction when he developed a bone problem that limited his usefulness for pulling. A concerned friend called Horses' Haven and asked that we bid on him in order to save him from an uncertain future. He is a big, gentle sweetheart who enjoys his pasture with Clint out by the small pond. Volunteers and visitors like to shower him with attention and he loves it.
ANGEL is available for sponsorship and companion adoption.
Angel, a Saddlebred mare foaled in approximately 1992, came to Horses' Haven in Dec. 2007 after being seized by animal control. We were so sad when we saw her come in with Cloud, as they were both so painfully thin. Angel was a surrogate mom to little Cloud, whose mother was traded for hay when he was two months old and still nursing. As you can see, Angel is now healthy and beautiful thanks to all the care and love she has received here at Horses' Haven. Read more about Angel and see before and after pictures in Horses' Haven Stories.
berry BERRY is available for sponsorship.
Berry is a warmblood/Quarter Horse cross foaled in 1995.
BRUISER - new arrival
More information coming soon!
BUFFY is available for sponsorship.
This registered Thoroughbred mare, foaled in 1992, came to us from a rescue in Newaygo, Mich.
CASEY is available for sponsorship and companion adoption.
When Casey and her two sons, Moses and Joey, came to Horses' Haven it meant no more starvation for all of them. They arrived in 2008 from Animal Control. Casey, foaled in approximately 1985, was a wonderful mother and will take care of any youngster. She made friends with Winnie, a younger mare, and they love to run and play together outside. Moses and Joey are both happily adopted out.

Read more about Casey, Moses and Joey in Horses' Haven Stories.
CHICO is available for sponsorship.
Chico is a mustang gelding foaled in approximately 1990. He was part of a roundup by the Bureau of Land Management in Nevada.
CLINT is available for sponsorship and adoption (with Adonis).
Adonis' older brother, foaled in approximately 1993, arrived at Horses' Haven in April 2012 from one of our local metroparks. These two beautiful black Percherons enjoy their pasture out by the small pond.
coty **CODY IS READY FOR ADOPTION and can be sponsored.
Cody is a Thoroughbred bay gelding foaled in approximately 2003 who sticks at roughly 16.3hh. He is just being broke out after a long layoff. He has excellent walk with a lovely floating trot. He will need a very confident rider as he still needs quite a bit of work but has the build for a potential jumper or dressage prospect. This gelding has come a long way from his humble beginning and we are very excited about his future!
COOKIE is available for sponsorship.
Foaled in approximately 1991, this paint mare was part of a 12 horse seizure in Livingston county two years ago. She'd been in foster care since then before coming to Horses' Haven through the Michigan Horse Welfare Coalition.
covergirl COVERGIRL is available for sponsorship and adoption.
Covergirl is a bay Morgan cross mare foaled in approximately 1998. She's 15 hands and broke to ride. Sound and easy keeper. Covergirl was a seizure in 2008 from an animal control court case. She needs a confident rider and a new home.
diamond DIAMOND is available for sponsorship.
This American Saddlebred foaled in approximately 1995 is blind. He loves his next door stall friend, Bubbles, very much. They are attached at the hip.
HOOTIE is available for sponsorship and special needs companion adoption.
Hootie is a handsome gray Quarter Horse/Thoroughbred cross who was foaled on Mar. 22, 1991. He has navicular and arthritic hocks, so was looking for a good retirement home. Where better than Horses' Haven? He was on the waiting list for two years before there was an opening for him at Horses' Haven. Hootie is a little timid; he enjoys being in the pasture with the guys and is enjoying retirement life.
JOSIE is available for sponsorship.
Josie is a Quarter Horse mare with an approximate foal date of 2011. She came to Horses' Haven in April 2013 through a seizure by Livingston County Animal Control.
JULIETTE is available for sponsorship.
Juliette is a Quarter Horse who arrived at Horses' Haven in 2008 as a four-month-old filly born with a bad knee. Two vets checked her out and both said they could do surgery that would make the knee look better but it wouldn't help the knee itself. She is just the sweetest thing, and from the way she runs and plays we don't think she even knows she has a problem.
LEXI is available for sponsorship and adoption.
This Quarter Horse foaled in 2004 was part of an Animal Control seizure who arrived with Lovebug and Cash.
**LUCAS IS READY FOR ADOPTION and can be sponsored.
This Thoroughbred/Trakehner gelding has an approximate foal date of 1995. He is our dressage star. Lucas has been shown at schooling shows with his previous owner through first level and has been schooled well into second level. This boy moves effortlessly off your leg and is more than happy to leg yield and half pass all day! Lucas can be ridden by a fairly beginner rider at walk trot, but does have a strong canter.
LUKE is available for sponsorship.
Luke was born on Apr. 24, 1997. He is a Thoroughbred gelding who was a former event horse until he started going blind in one eye which ended his career. He is a big, handsome fellow and it's a shame this happened to him at such a young age. He is now going blind in his other eye. He enjoys spending his days grazing with Maizie.
MAIZIE is available for sponsorship.
When Maizie came to Horses' Haven, we put her out with Luke, who had lost his friend Hollywood and was feeling blue. We had high hopes he would find a new friend in Maizie and he did. Maizie, who has an approximate foal date of 1990, like Luke is blind. The partnership worked out so well that we now call them the "Velcro Kids" because they always stick together.
MOOSE (aka Big Freddy) is available for sponsorship.

We welcomed this Belgian gelding with a foal date of 2005 back to our farm in December 2013. He rocks the scales at approximately 2,500 lbs and a massive 18.3 hands. For those of you that aren't sure... that's really, really tall in horse lingo! When standing near the front of our property you can see this handsome boy all the way back to his pasture. Moose's first visit to our farm was in December 2006; he was adopted out in April 2007.
MR. HANDSOME is available for sponsorship.
This Quarter Horse gelding has an approximate foal date of 1984. He joined us at Horses' Haven in March 2010.
**OZZY IS READY FOR ADOPTION and can be sponsored.
When he was brought to Horses' Haven as a two-year-old stallion, Ozzy needed foot surgery. Now this 16.2 hh Quarter Horse/Thoroughbred cross gelding is sound and has been started under saddle. Foaled on June 17, 2007, Ozzy is smart, has a pretty head and is a great dressage prospect.
This never raced mare has loads of hunter/jumper talent! With a foal year of 1992, she is a beautiful 16.2hh flashy Thoroughbred that is excellent in the hunt seat ring with a few ribbons in the recent years. She excels in equitation and English Ideal classes. Image has recently (winter 2014) begun to jump again and soars effortlessly over any jump you point her at. She does require an advanced rider, but is more than happy to do anything for her rider. Don't let her age fool you! She's quite a horse!
PETE is available for sponsorship.
Pete, a Morgan gelding who was foaled on Feb. 23, 1984, has called Horses' Haven home since 2008.
**PIPER IS READY FOR ADOPTION and can be sponsored.
Piper is broke to ride but will need an experienced rider to finish her. Don't miss out on this smart gal and the opportunity to make her a part of your family!
THELMA & LOUISE. Thelma is available for sponsorship and companion adoption. Louise is available for sponsorship.
Thelma and Louise, both Belgians, came to Horses' Haven as part of a rescue in March 2007. These ladies are good friends. Thelma, foaled in approximately 1992, is pretty quiet. Louise, foaled in approximately 2004, is the opposite and full of energy. A photographer tried to get pictures of Thelma one day and it was kind of funny watching her trying to get Thelma to put up her ears for the photo. She is so laid back and unflappable.
WILMA is available for sponsorship.
Our barn tour guide Wilma is a blind Standardbred mare, who had a very important job before coming to Horses' Haven. She was a blood donor at Michigan State University.
Wilma, who has an approximate foal date of 1987, served her fellow horses for many years in this capacity, and when it was determined that it was time to retire her from this duty, rather than euthanize her, the folks at MSU wanted to find her a place where she could live out her remaining years in comfort and with people to love and fuss over her. So, they decided Horses' Haven was the place and donated her.

We'll bet you never really thought much about horses like Wilma who helped other horses so they could live. There are probably lots of horses throughout Michigan who owe their lives to Wilma. We're sure they extend their thanks to Wilma for all the good she's done throughout her useful life.
winnie WINNIE is available for sponsorship.
Foaled in approximately 1998, Winnie was frightened half to death when she arrived in 2009 because she had been through several auctions in a row. She had a serious eye issue, and a lot of scars on her front legs. She was so nervous and frightened that she backed into a corner ready to defend herself. Now she has an equine friend in Casey and loves lots of volunteers too, because she comes up to the stall front every day to say "hi" and "thank you."
WYATT - new arrival
More information coming soon!
ZEKE is available for sponsorship and companion adoption.
After being on our waiting list for over a year, Zeke's owners were very excited that Horses' Haven finally had an opening to take him in. Zeke is an American Quarter Horse gelding, foaled on Feb. 29, 1988. He is blind in his left eye. Although trained for western pleasure and trail riding, he's now ready to take it easy due to lameness in his right front leg.
  **ZEPHYR IS READY FOR ADOPTION and can be sponsored.
Zephyr is a beautiful buckskin Quarter Horse mix. This sassy girl thinks she is the cat's meow! She is quite stunning with her rich buckskin coat and bright white star. Zephyr is broke under saddle and quite fearless, but definitely needs an advanced rider that can handle her occasional mischief. This beauty has great potential to be a cute little western horse or potentially even a gaming horse. Zephyr is one of our Davison Rescue mares and was foaled in 1995.